terça-feira, junho 23, 2009

Talk about multi tasking

I went to Shauna's. To do stuff with her.
Got there somewhat wet. After all, the rainy season is here.
On the way back, it was raining even harder. I was hungry, so I needed to order a pizza... So, there I was riding my bicycle, umbrella in on hand, my bag with my computer on a shoulder and talking on the cell-phone ordering my pizza. All in Japanese.

Got home. Soaked. But the pizza should be here any minute.

4 comentários:

Shauna disse...

it is cause you were with me, I give you the strength and ability to do everything.

ψ Psimento ψ disse...

How many hands do you have?

Ritinha disse...

Estou tao proud of you!... Ainda te vou ver a chorar lagrimas gordas de saudades do Japao, bicicletas, guarda-chuvas, lingua japonesa a comidinha taoooo boa... :)

Vanessa disse...

Coisa mai linda este meu Angelino sempre joli e além de joli é multitasked, ou para te ires habituando ao nosso português que é a língua "mai" linda também, polivalente!
Um grande polivalente é o que tu és!Poli-beijos para ti.