quarta-feira, outubro 28, 2009

Yet more of the beauty of Lisbon

I was going to meet a friend, but I had some free time. So I decided to take another stroll in beautiful Lisbon.
In fact, I made a small list of places I want to visit in my beautiful city, so I don't forget them and I see everything I want to see.

My first stop was Campo Mártires da Pátria, a very nice park right in the heart of Lisbon, atop a hill.

With the winter time, it's interesting hoe different the light already is. And how people still try to enjoy it.

While the ducks rest from a very tiring day.

I like people.

Even the ones that are having an argument over something unimportant.

Right next to the park, we can visit Goethe Institut, the German language centre. As well as the embassy.

Down the park, there's the medical sciences university. And right in from of it, a statue of miracle maker doctor.

Where people light candles, pray and show faith.

I know this area pretty well, but I decided to take another street. Not the one straight out of the park. So I took the street on the right, through small palaces and I ended up in this amazing belvedere. This is Lisbon at its best: showing itself off in small, magical places that I don't even know!

A peek of Downtown.

And of the western hill, with the vertical lift.

There's even a fountain.

Because Lisbon is so hilly, and as I have already mentioned, there are a few public lifts to help people going up and down. This is the Lavra lift, with a very interesting entrance.

I didn't take it, because I wanted to go on through a street I had never walked on... But the other day, I was driven through it and I wanted to explore it better.

And down I went.

I know that my pictures tend to be similar, but I cannot resist seeing the river at the end of every street! It's beautiful!

I took a side street and found this humble building, where Amália Rodrigues, the greatest fado singer ever, was born! I was truly surprised, as I had no idea.
There's a sign saying in this house's pateo Amália Rodrigues was born.

I went on.

And I ended up right Downtown.

From there, and because I still had time, I took the tram up to yet another amazing belvedere, Portas do Sol.
No need for words.

I love the use of space in this city.

I took the tram again, from the eastern side of the city to the western side, where I met my friend.

I love this place!

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Hydrargirum disse...

So nunca estive no jardim do Torel...ridiculo nao achas?

Conheci a Calcada de Sant'Ana:))))

A nossa LX:)

Sofia Feliz disse...

"Lisboa menina e moça, meninaaaaaa...", linda linda!


Vanessa disse...

Epaaa..não me venham com histórias..Lisboa É lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....