domingo, outubro 04, 2009

Miquelina is looking good, farturas are great and Lisbon is beautiful

Last Thursday, I went to visit my grandmother.
She is in a home, as I said before, but I must say she is looking great! She is all confused - asking me the same thing over and over again - but she is looking good. And fat.
So, you see, I am not the only one getting fatter!

My mom actually got there just before I did. I have such a busy life... not...

My parents left me next to the train station, here in the city where we live.
Every year, there's a book market. And with it, other nice things, such as farturas. This kind of churro. But much much better!

And farturas in great company taste even better!

Last Saturday, I took the train downtown Lisbon with my mom. We went there to meet my father, have lunch and go shopping.

Portuguese people are known for being very polite and respectful... Cof, cof... And so are our dogs, as one can see.

We had lunch - not the best choice, I must agree - and then we went to a shop with old Portuguese products. From the time when my parents were kids, so it was cool seeing them saying things like oh, I had that toy or I remember this from school.
I bought them their third grade school book. Back in the day, there was only one book for everyone, full of patriotic and religious stuff. I shall read it and wonder about things and the meaning of life.

I had invited my parents to a tram ride, through beautiful Lisbon, but they declined - more my father than my mother! - and off I went by myself.
I took tram 28, the best way to get to know most of the old city.

These girls rode the tram on the outside. For free. Something totally illegal.
Gotta love the Portuguese art of survival!

Went up Rua da Palma.

Through Intendente, a very well know area. Not for the best reasons... But, hey, people need to have fun, no?

The problem with the trams is that, if someone parks in the wrong place, the tram gets stuck and there's a big delay. Once, many years ago, I saw a group of men raising a car that was parked wrongly. They rose it, put half of it on the pavement and the tram went on.
Then again, the Portuguese art of survival is something crazy, isn't it?!

Anyway, this van didn't take much time, as it was just uploading some stuff.

The problem with this tram route is that it's always full of tourists!

There are some times in the year when there are fado singers performing live on the tram! It's amazing!

A modernized old style grocery shop!

This picture is not very clear, but the river is down there... As it always is!

Lisbon is very old. So there are many really narrow streets. So narrow that I could touch the building to my right just by reaching it out with my arm!

This is not the best picture of it, but that tower to the left is the see of Lisbon. I hope to take some proper pictures some other time.

I know someone who got married in this church!

This 28 tram crosses the very old areas of the city, the 18th century grid like downtown and the fancy areas of the west.

Because it's so hilly, there are many staircases everywhere we go in the city. I should live there, so to force myself to actually move!

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This is the Portuguese parliament. One day I will give a speech there! And no one will fall asleep!

The Estrela basilica.

I got off here so I could meet Claudette and Té. We were on our way to a museum! The Ancient Art National Museum.

Because our lives are not just drugs, sex and rock n' roll!

We saw the exhibition, we chatted, shared knowledge and learned things. All about the Portuguese adventures of the past, including the arrival to Japan!

Then it was tea time. At the museum!

With a great view, some clouds and great company. And snacks!

We left the museum area and Claudette drove me all the way home. Because she is a sweetheart, like all my friends are.
We drove past a very nice area in Lisbon, Lapa.

And there's the river! As always.

I got home happy and much more enriched. Culturally speaking!

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