quarta-feira, outubro 14, 2009

Across the street

This is not across the street, but today I stopped by the university where I studied and I had lunch with Angélica, my linguistics teacher back in the day! She is such a sweetheart!

It was good being with her and seeing many other people.
The thing is I worked there, so I know almost everyone!

On the way home, I decided to take a longer walk - isn't that amazing!? - and take pictures of the park just next to my place. Honestly, it's like thirty seconds from my doorstep. Something I really missed in Oita...

It's a really nice park. In an area that used to be a shanty town. A nasty place. Now we can play mini-golf, play with the kids, see the ducks in the stream and just sit there!

For dinner I had liver. Yes, liver! I hadn't had it for years! I can't even remember!

Just a regular day of someone who is unemployed. Or better, in between jobs!

2 comentários:

Daniel Silva (Lobinho) disse...

Isn'it so good to be back with our wonderful places and food? :)

Apple disse...

FLUL, certo?

também sou "filha" dessa casa :)

Ou muito me engano ou aquilo é no bar velho, hem?