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More of the beauty of Lisbon

On Sunday. my mother and I went all the way to the eastern side of the city to see an interior design fair.
We saw some interesting things and we got some nice ideas. But we are still trying to understand why was almost everything black?! I mean, I know that is the trend... But why!? I wouldn't like to sleep in a black bedroom!

That eastern side of Lisbon is an amazing place. It was there that Portugal had the 98 world exposition. And a new city within the city was born. Unlike Sevilla or Hannover, Lisbon took advantage of a huge area that was converted from a hardcore industrial activity to a leisure and residential area. Yes, it is not cheap, but it an amazing place!

This is Torre Vasco da Gama, the tallest building in Lisbon.

Gil, the mascot of the world exposition...

Lisbon International Fair. A very pleasant place.

This is was the northern entrance to the exposition. And it's still there!
Can you believe I was 19 when the thing was on!?

Nowadays, all the courts in Lisbon - and there are many - are here. In a really nice justice complex

The exposition was about the oceans. Ultimately, water. And there's plenty of it everywhere. Mothers too.

The traditional Portuguese pavement is also there. As it is everywhere.

One of my favorite buildings in the area is Pavilhão Atlântico. It's an arena where one can see a concert or even a windsurf show. I have seen Madonna there. She has seen me too.

The main entrance - on the right - became a shopping centre. It was packed.

The flags of all the countries that took part in the exposition.

The river. Actually, the estuary of the Tagus. The largest estuary in Europe. It's known in Portuguese as Mar da Palha, meaning sea of straw. Sea because it's so big. Of Straw because the straw used to come in huge quantities down the river and the boats would fill the estuary.
With all honesty, I had no idea of how large the estuary is until I crossed the 17 kms bridge that takes people to the other side of the river.

The Oceanário, the second largest aquarium in the world.

And my favorite building in the area, used to be know as Pavilhão de Portugal. It's so slick and elegant. It was the Portuguese Pavillion during the exposition. Now it's used for temporary exhibitions... A total waste, as far as I am concerned!

The Estação do Oriente, a huge transport hub. Designed by Santiago Calatrava, yet another beautiful building. The roof is supposed to resemble trees!

My mom and I took the subway all the way to the other side of the city. Our side. And we went shopping in Colombo, a shopping centre. I bought three very nice shirts in Zara. I used the voucher my friends gave me for my birthday. And paied some more... I mean, the shirts were clearly yelling my name and saying buy me, buy me!

Lisbon subway is so nice. The stations are full of art. And light. At least most of them.

Today, Monday, I walked in Lisbon by myself. My father dropped me off in the city centre, I emailed my cousin and we ended up having lunch. Interestingly enough, we talked about the city mayoral elections we just had. While we had a very nice burger.

Then off I went and took pictures of this amazing city. And please note the color of the sky. Unique, I think.
And I am starting to realize how diverse the city is. I hear so many languages and see people of many colors and ways of being. Even the architecture is so different.

This is Saldanha area. The centre of the CBD.

And in Avenida da República, an old building in between wonders of modernity.

The train station in Areeiro.

And here is the Areeiro area. I love this place. I love the architecture, the most perfect example of the old regime architecture. Simple, plain, straight lines. But I am no expert...
I like it, but I get a bit overwhelmed by it... Just because everything is so monumental!

One of my grandfather's sister lived somewhere here. I remember visiting her and her husband, climbing stairs to the upper floor, where the roof was diagonal...

I was glad to see this wonderful thing: a bakery window!

And a typical neighborhood grocery shop.

The main square in the area.

An old style entrance to the subway. With the old M for metropolitano.

I took the bus somewhere else. Somewhere I had never been. Somewhere I wanted to go for many years: Galinheiras. A somewhat dodgy area, but I wanted to see it. The truth is the police was there. As it has been everywhere.

Down I came. Past Lumiar, an area with old palaces and farms. Where remnants can be seen. I ended up taking the old tram to Graça.

Two minutes away from the tram stop, I was at this belvedere. The view is just breathtaking... And I was truly speechless!

Again, the sky, the light, all the houses. Beautiful!

I went down some stairs. Something very common in hilly Lisbon.

My last picture was taken from the tram: The See of Lisbon. A very old building.

I came home with my heart full of joy. I love this city!

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Sofia Feliz disse...

Já escrevi uma coisa no post do defunto... vai lá ver!


Celeste disse...

Qualquer dia recebes uma condecoração do governo. Ou quem sabe um cargo no Ministério do Turismo!


Hydrargirum disse...

A nossa cidade e kikissima, nao achas?
Adoro a graca:))))

Apple disse...

Gosto imenso das tuas fotos de Lisboa...é tão linda esta cidade e tu tens sobre ela um olhar luminoso e encantado.Obrigada :)