sexta-feira, outubro 23, 2009

Of the sweet people

There are people that are just sweet. Today I won't write about all of them, because my life is fortunately full of them and that would make this post just too long.
Today I will write about Hiromi. She is just a sweetheart. She is amazing. She is funny, beautiful, sweet, exciting. Everything a sweet person should be!

She had told me she would send me "something" from Japan, because I celebrated my birthday recently. I thought she would send me a postcard or some small present. But, no. Because she is such a sweetheart, she sent me a big box full of Japanese goodies. And I immediately felt in heaven!!! Oh, Hiromi, ほんとうありがとう!

I want to see you again soon and hug you. So we can laugh a lot, like we always do. And make fun of JT, like we always do. And just be there, like we always do.


In the meanwhile, at the end of the same day I got Hiromi's package, I got a letter from an ex student of mine. Her name is Ui.
I read it. Or better, I consumed it. It was so nice reading it and I even got a bit emotional, when she wrote she has very good memories of me and that all of them are very grateful for everything I did. Needless to say I sat down and wrote her back that same moment!

There is nothing better than your work being recognized by one's own students!

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