segunda-feira, outubro 05, 2009

The wonders of Portuguese life

My father wanted to have cozido à portuguesa. A kind of stew or broth, with lots of veggies and all kinds of meat.

I must say, I was happy with the choice, because I like it. I mean, I do like the taste, but not the weird pork fat always present in this dish... Like on the one my father was about to have...

Or the one on the platter...

No way!

We had company for lunch. Nuria and her mother came to our place and indulged themselves!

We finished the broth/stew and went to a place out of Lisbon to visit a friend.
She is a very nice lady who lives in a small farm and takes care of some animals, namely dogs.
I heard very sad stories of what people have done to animals. And I feel like finding them and doing the same to them!

My parents always take some food with them to feed the dogs. And it's like a feast for them!

There's also Gervásio, the poney.

And Quinha, the lady pig.

Being fed by another pig!

My father loves taking fruit off the tree. It's this weird connection to our collector ancestors... Well...

The thing is this was another well spent day. In the countryside.

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rui disse...

Ia jurar que a Núria é a filha da minha amiga Nucha, a motarda da CBR600.
Cumprimentos da terra das Tulipas.

André! disse...

Vida tipicamente portuguesa, de peixe cru para enchidos é uma mudança de 360º !!