domingo, setembro 27, 2009

Sonia's birthday

After leaving Raquel's - I was there for a very short time just to say hi - I rushed downtown to be at Sonia's birthday. But there was a huge mistake and I ended up going to a small street in Bairro Alto... But her restaurant was a bit far, in Santos. Just because the link she had sent me was wrong! And I thought Google Maps were perfect...

The good thing is that I am Portuguese and we have solutions for any problem! Trust me!
The cell phone my father has given me has a GPS, so I entered the address I wanted to go to and off I went. Sonia wasn't able to guide me through the phone, anyway! Poor thing!

I left the area where I was and off I went down the road. And when I say "down the road" I mean it. And, believe me, walking on cobblestone that has been walked on thousands of times with the shoes I was wearing was no easy task! My legs got extra workout.
But I needed it, anyway.

I finally got to the restaurant. It took me some twenty minutes to get there and I was sweating. Like I seem to be all the time nowadays...

We gave her her present, a digital camera. And she was soooo happy.

She'd better be!

It was also good to be with people I hadn't seen in ages!

We had very good food. It could only be that way, anyway. This is Portugal.

The girls sitting next to me had pataniscas, this kind of cod and flour cake.

And I had coron bleu, steak with ham and cheese.

Obviously, the girls had to look good. Some more than others!

We had a very nice dinner, indeed. And we laughed a lot. Like usual.
But I laughed even harder when I saw Sonia with this backpack! I had never seen her with one, as such thing is not like her at all!

Believe me, I laughed.

Off we went to a small bar. Arab style. Not far from the restaurant.

But the moment I got to that area I noticed there were lots of young kids out.
I know the area is known for the young crowds, and I don't want to sound old fashioned, but what the hell are kids doing out by themselves, drinking, smoking and who knows what else!? Honestly, some of them were under age for sure!

But it's their problem. And their families'. Not mine.

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