terça-feira, setembro 15, 2009

Horses, steaks and cinema.

Mari had her birthday a few months ago. And one of her birthday presents was a horse riding lesson. Fancy, isn't it?

She was thrilled and a tad nervous.

And, of course, we could never let her go there by herself.

She was going to ride a mare. Her name was Black. But she was white.

The instructor, who was a very nice gentleman, told us that Black is becoming whiter and whiter, which is a treat of the Russian horses.
You see, this blog is full of useful and surprising information!

And off she went!

She rode beautiful and, at some point, pissing Black for half an hour.
Then it was time to finish. And she got off with an amazing back flip!

I didn't know Mari was so flexible. And I think she didn't know it either, as she was reticent... But the instructor was delightful and off she went!

Mari went first. And after her Mariana rode the mare. She was also very excited and thrilled by it.

Needless to say that the kids were loving all this. Horses and open spaces! Is there anything better?

The other kids - us - were loving all this too. Especially me, because, after four years out there, it was great being back with my beloved crazy friends!

Nié also got to ride Black. He was so happy!

The riding session was over. It was a beautiful day and so we decided to go to an amazing cafe, on top of a cliff, by the sea.

It was great. Portugal has amazing sights!

We had a great time all together, I think, but then it was time to come back home. Mari brought me back and she even came up to say hello to my parents who, to my surprise, were not home! I didn't know they had a life of their own!

My parents cooked dinner. An amazing steak with rice, fries, egg and sauce. Oh, man, I was so happy! I had been longing for this for, like, ever!

But my day was not done! I had a cinema date!
Bruno was supposed to go, but he is a terribly busy person, so he couldn't make it. But my tiny crazy Vanessa was there!

We hugged for a long time, she told me I looked taller and that I was not that fat, after all. I told her she looks hot. And she does, trust me.

We watched Inglorious Basterds, by Tarantino. An amazing movie, as I expected. All I wished was that it was really true! Things would have been much easier.
Brad Pitt proves to be an amzing actor. But Christoph Waltz totally steals the show! He is superb. Not only because of his linguistic abilities, but mainly the way he acts. Just amazing!

There was a problem, though. After the break the sound just disappeared! People were surprised by it. A guy went out to tell the staff something was wrong. But he came back and the problem was still going on. So I got up, went out and tried to find some staff. I eventually met someone and told them that situation was unacceptable and I didn't want to pay for such a thing. They apologized, because it was just some technical problem... But I was pissed and, to be honest, that problem ruined my movie session...

Still, the movie is amazing and everyone should watch it. Including the scalp cutting scenes! Wooosh!

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Pulha Garcia disse...

É um belo programa mas para quem vive no centro de Lisboa não é tão exequível ...

Maria disse...

Olha o belo do bitoque !!!


Sofia Feliz disse...

Quando vim da Tunísia - enjoada com tanto borrego e coucous - é que um belo do bitoque fez a minha alegria!!

Imagino depois de tanto tempo longe...

Mari disse...

Oh meu kiko, nem sabes tu quanto me fez bem aquele dia com vocês!!..Adorei ele!.. ehehe... Quando se tem amigos assim, tudo fica mais fácil na vida :))Beijoss da tua Makaki

ArtByJoão disse...

Tinhas que contar o fim... O que me vale é que eu já vi a película... Toma!

Da Costa De Carvalho dixit