quinta-feira, setembro 10, 2009

My first day on the streets of my hometown

Got up super early. My parents woke me up when they were getting ready to go to work. It's ok, I understand. Someone gotta work, right?

I went out and my first stop was the local town hall (more like a parish/neighborhood hall - gotta love the Portuguese bureaucracy!). I went there to ask for a certificate of my residency here. I need it to take it to customs and claim some of my boxes that came from Japan. The lady was nice and the thing would be ready the next day. The lady next to her sounded a tad bitchier and I can't wait to deal with people like her.
Anyway, this crappy piece of paper that will certify that I live in my own house costs 7.5 euro! Couldn't believe my ears... But, hey, I had no choice, did I?!

After that, I went to the bank. Asked a thousand questions and left enlightened, just like a Renaissance man. The lady was all happy because it was the first time she had seen Japanese yen. Good for her. And for me, because they went straight into my bank account!

Then I went through the local mall. And I saw some action! I mean, finally I saw some action. I went through the US and didn't see a thing. Till this day, I'm still slightly disappointed!
Anyway, I don't know what happened, but these two security guards were pushing two guys out of the mall but they were resisting. Of course, and in the traditional Portuguese way, everyone was staring at that amazing scene!
I was all secretly excited!

My next stop was Vodafone. My father gave me a PDA, or whatever it is, and I needed a new number so I went there and got it. From a trainee, which took a little longer, I guess. But, then again, I have nothing else to do anyway!

All this was in the morning, in just over an hour! I was impressed, as I was used to taking forever doing anything in Portugal! But one thing is for sure: getting a cell phone or anything related to it in Portugal is way easier than doing it in Japan. Plus, I can easily communicate and actually get it!
Again, excitement.

After all this, I came back home. Just because I can. And I needed to wait for my father, who was coming to pick me up for lunch at a Chinese restaurant!

While I was waiting, I watched Hospital Central, this Spanish kind of ER thingy. I love it and I had actually wondered if it was still on. And so it is!
I love the stories and many of the characters but what I love the best is that they curse all the time, from "bastard" to "fuck". The Spanish way!

I had a wonderful lunch with my dad. I even said mgoi to the Cantonese lady working there. And she was so surprised I knew how to say it. All because Carleen taught me when we went for lunch together in New York!

The afternoon was quite uneventful. But after and early dinner - at 7! - we went to the new shopping centre near by. The one that is larger than the largest one. Just for some shopping.
And we also went there to check out the internet shop... Because the internet we had at home did not work with my wonderful, perfect, amazing Mac! No biggie, as I could use my parents' laptop... But I wanted to update this thing here with my pictures!
We got to the shop, waited (curiously enough I was number 69... And I had to giggle!) and we left with a wireless router! Oh, man, it felt great being in the 21st century!

But problems started when we got home and the thing didn't connect to either of the computers! I tried and tried. And I also tried calling the support line but there was no way I could get through. Not even to the waiting list!
Well, I gave up and went to sleep. But I woke up at 1.30. Got up, started the computers and tried again. Nothing. So I called the guys at the support line, got a hold of them - late night calls are the best! - and they helped me. But I only fell asleep past 4. But I felt happy and all. And that time up allowed be to organize my tv the way I want...

And so was my first full day back home!

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