sábado, setembro 12, 2009

My first post-Japan dinner with the gang

Yesterday our friend Manel invited us for dinner at his place! My first dinner with the gang after coming back. I cannot even put into words how overwhelmed I was. And how happy I was being with them. And laughing and making jokes and sharing stories and remembering times gone.

Aida stopped by my place and we drove there together. Not that far! And it was interesting to see how some things look different. After all, there's a huge highway being built between my city and Lisbon proper.
Needless to say we laughed like crazy bitches all the way there! The usual.

We got there slightly early. Which is an awesome thing, I must say!

People started arriving. Believe it or not, Telma was one of the first ones!

An Aida close-up. She will kill me because of this picture, but I can take her!

Lena, my eternal bride.

(She wanted me to remove her pictures. And so I did.)

The one and only Rebekka Teresa.

Beautiful Claudette Habibi.

Another side of Lena. Another death I will have to endure when she gets to see this!

(This was Lena's beautiful bottom picture... But, then again...)

Our amazing host, Manel!


Teresa, our wonderful hostess!

Hélio! Who I hadn't seen in years. Since, like, last time.

And shy Gabriela.

The smoking girls!

Hard working Pipa, who got there only around 11. She was working, poor thing. But I guess someone gotta do it, no?

Dinner was absolutely fantastic! Delicious. But, I must say, being in such great company was the best of it. It feels good being back home. Oh, yes, it does!

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André! disse...

Dude...a Marco Paulo's photo? Do you want to repel all of your readers??? XD