quarta-feira, setembro 23, 2009

A Simple Saturday

Last Saturday was a fantastic day.
The weather has been a bit strange - too cool for this time of the year - but the sky has been amazing. Clear and blue. And I love that.

On this day, Telma and her other half, Nuno, aka Telmixo, invited Xanoxa and I to go to their place and have lunch with them.

There was some traffic on the way there - crossing the bridge can still be a nightmare - but we were there in time for lunch. Actually, we got there with some extra time and we sang karaoke. Something I really miss from Japan! Probably, the only thing so far...

Xanoxa, that goddess like being, who is there and here, sings beautifully. Myself, that god like being, more like a fat Baccus, can't sing that well, but can surely enjoy things!

We sang ABBA like crazy. And so did the girls.

There was still time for the boys to sing together. And we chose the best singer ever... Guess who!

Lunch was served. An amazing lasagna. With a twist: one of the layers had spinach. What a good twist, let me add!

You know, Telmixo not only is nice and funny and a good cook, but he also does the dishes.

Telma chose wisely, I say!

I had to leave the other side of the river. Xanoxa had to sleep, so she dropped me off at home. I came upstairs, quickly peed and off I went with my parents.
In 20 minutes we were at my uncle and aunt's place. But no one answered! I really wanted to eat my aunt's rice pudding (arroz doce)! But there was a problem with our emails and she never got mine confirming my presence and the logical existence of the pudding!

I learned my lesson: when arroz doce is involved, I need to call first to make sure!

Anyway, we got a hold of them and they were shopping not far from there. So we quickly got there. There was no superb arroz doce, but we enterained ourselves with other delicacies.

I had salame, this thing with chocolate and crushecd cookies. I love it!

It was a tad too dry, but it was still delicious!
Honestly, I missed these things. These small little snacks that are so easy to find in Portugal, but were impossible to find in Japan, where I always found snacks to have little or no taste... And wouldn't fill my big fat tummy...
Well, let bygones be bygones. Right?

My cousin was there.

My mother.

My father, who keeps rubbing in my face the fact that he is slim now.

My uncle.

And my aunt, who is one of the funniest people I know!

Diana, my younger cousin, was going to play football. Something I don't understand, of course. Eveyone knows sport is no good! You can get injured and all!
Anyway, football is better than drugs or teenage pregnancy. Maybe.

We had to say good-bye, as Diana had to go in and put on her sporty thingies.

My parents drove me to the subway and I went downtown. The most beautiful downtown in the world, I must say!

I had a date with some friends! We went to this traditional place right there and had a great bitoque: a steak with fries, rice, egg and salad. So simple, yet amazing! And we all had it!

Oh, man, it's so good being with friends. They are the best in the world.
And when we talk and share stories and they laugh at my hiccups, the world feels like a better place!

My evening wasn't over yet! Telma had a late birthday celebration together with a friend.
I was supposed to get the tram to get to the party - that idea lit my eyes! - but Sandra was kind enough to drop me off there. And we talked even more. In bewteen my hiccups...

I got there.

Had jasmin tea.

And the girls shared some pug flue.

We sang happy birthday.

And Telma was very happy about the cake.

But I had to ask them to drop me off at my place.
Claudette and Carlota were trying to make me go out and dance, but I was truly knackered! I guess I'm old!

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Maria Manuela disse...

A tua família é deliciosa.

Kiko estás mais magrinho, não???


Anónimo disse...

ai que nojentinha com os dentes todos pretinhos!!!