sábado, setembro 12, 2009

I'm in heaven

Getting together with old friends - "old" as in "old in age" and "people I know for years now" - is the best! Today, Margarida, aka Maggie, Mega and Bulldog, picked me up and we went to her place. As usual, we laughed a lot. Sometimes I wonder if I spend my life laughing... But even if I do, it's not bad at all!

Anyway, here we are:

We did something very Portuguese and we went to the coffee shop. She had an espresso and a small almond-something. I had something typical: meia de leite and pão de Deus. Minus the coconuts, because I don't like it.

It felt great. But shortly after it, my stomach went crazy. Maybe because of the strong coffee.

And we managed to find the time to watch some Allô, Allô, which is one of the best British comedies ever devised! Trust me!

After that, my parents picked me up and we went to look for a bed. I need a big one. Just because I was used to a big bed in Japan and also because I almost fell off my narrow bed twice last night! And no one wants that! I am too heavy and I might make a whole on the floor and land on the neighbor's bed downstairs!
Anyway, the only bed I loved from the moment I saw is sold out and I am sad about that! I might need to wait for over a month to get it. It's stupid!

The good thing about this frustrating shopping spree was the fact that I met Tia Adelaide, with whom I worked before I went to Japan. She is a sweetheart and I always liked her relaxed ways!

We came back home and my mother made what you see on the picture: frango acerejado.

She spreads garlic and salt on the chicken and puts it in the oven with margerine. Yes, it is fat. Yes, it will kill you. Yes, it will make you suffer a lot. But it's absolutely delicious, so I don't care! I like it, I eat it! And I will still manage to lose weight, trust me!
We eat it with chicken soup. Which once I tried making in Japan and it didn't go very well. The soup itself went somewhere I don't know and I ended up eating only pasta. Taka was there and I apologized and he told me, in the nicest way ever: don't worry, I don't know how it really is, supposed to be, so for me it's great!


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Maria Manuela disse...

WTF ???

Bom, pelo menos serve para treinar o meu inglês.

beijos kiko

Paula disse...

Bem-vindo a casa!!!
Aproveita e abusa dos pasteis de nata!