quinta-feira, setembro 10, 2009

Odyssey at the doctor

Yesterday I went to the doctor. I wanted to meet her - we got a new one after our beloved family doctor retired! - and I wanted to get some simple tests to see how my body is doing. And, hey, I didn't get called a little obese nor was I told my liver resembles foie gras. What a concept!

Anyway, public clinics here are know for the endless hours of waiting we, the patients, are subjected to. But my mother, who had to go there too, kept telling me this doctor was quite good and was never that late. Great, I thought!

Well, it took us over two hours, actually, almost three, to get inside. First mom, then myself.
I do understand delays happen. I just wish people would be informed... But what really annoyed me were the people waiting in the room with us!
Honestly, do I have anything to do with their lives? And their sons' daughters', nieces,' nephews' and neighbors'!? I couldn't care less! And do I have to listen to a lady saying she is very sick - and so she was, that was visible - and that when she was young she had to stay in a sanatorium because she was coughing blood? No, I don't think I do!

But that was just part of it.
When people realized things were really late, they started wondering why. The doctor went for lunch. The doctor took a break. The doctor this, the doctor that! Spare me! And, worse, I heard amazing things like oh, these foreign doctors come and take the place of our national doctors. And then the youngsters can't get into university. All I kept thinking was get me outta here. Or euthanize these people!
Anyway, I too wondered about the reason of the delay. So instead of spitting ideas like everyone else, I got up went to the ladies upstairs and asked. I was told there was an emergency concerning the pig flue and that she had been called in.
Fine, I said. I just think people should be told, instead of staring at the walls.

In I went, had a pleasant conversation with the doctor and one assisting doctor and I told her things were though on that day! She just told me the sad truth: we are less and less. You are more and more. That's how things are.

I left. Hoping that next time will be better. And I shared nothing of my sage ways with those annoying people outside. Just bring some crochet, damn it!

4 comentários:

Rui disse...

Welcome to the barrio! You missed it, didn't ya?

Pulha Garcia disse...

Gde Ângelo,

welcome home.

PS- Estive nesse concerto de buraka som sistema que estás a passar à esquerda...

Ana Maria disse...

OH menino , para lá de dizer mal aqui do beco lá para os estranjas , ou vais já recambiado. AI , que mania , hein?
Se fores para as américas tens que pagar bem por um seguro de saúde ou morres á porta do hospital, ora toma.

Ana Maria disse...

Era sarcasmo , mesmo, eu é que me esqueci que estava a escrever e não a falar (o alemão). Sabes que eu sou doente profissional e sei muito bem que é mesmo como descreveste, mas de facto o ser humano é um animal que se habitua a tudo e eu até já acho normalissimo tudo isso. EM relação aos americanos , grrrrrrrrrrr, ódio figadal.