terça-feira, setembro 15, 2009

Lisbon is beautiful

The day was beautiful and I was headed downtown. One of the, if not "the", most beautiful downtowns I know: Lisbon!

I took the train that took me right there! Through a very long tunnel.
The Rossio Station is finally done, after years in reconstruction. It's full of light and so clean. The most beautiful I have ever seen it.
I remember beeing a kid and seeing the rubber floors, the darkness everywhere. Now it's nothing like it. I only regret the fact there are no shops in it, like there used to be! It was a big mistake, I think!

I missed monumental stations like this. In Japan there are none. Which I understand, because they were destroyed and also because Japan keeps building newer and bigger stations. And spending no money in making them nice - except for Kyoto Station.

Once I asked Taka if we would like to come to museums when he visits Europe. And he told me something like walking on the streets in Europe will be like being in a museum. At least for me.
And I understand that better than ever. Lisbon is so beautiful, with amazing architecture, amazing art, amazing green areas and all. And I missed that a lot, because Oita was nothing like it...

Plus, the day was superb. Not too hot. But the sun was just great, perfect!

Here's an old theater turned a public services centre.

The traditional Portuguese pavement.

And old movie theater turned Hard Rock Cafe.

A recovered building.

And another one.

I went up Avenida da Liberdade to meet my dear Ana. We went for lunch. We talked a lot. Laughed a lot and shared stories. And she shared her fries with me. Thanks, Ana!

Lunch was done and I went down the same avenue...

Lisbon is a very hilly city. Hence the many staircases and the public lifts:

Rossio area.

The big building at the back is the D. Maria National Theater. Majestic, I say.

This place is called Ginjinha. One can buy a shot of some kind of liquor and drink it right there.

Last time my father took my mother there, she had one and got slightly drunk...

I also stopped by São Domingos Church. It's one of my favorite churches ever.
It was destroyed by a fire, many years ago. Reconstruction took forever - that's another Portuguese feat - but it came out just right: the church was rebuilt, but the columns and ornaments were just cleaned and never really rebuilt.

The result is what you see.

Next to the church, I came across a place selling something very very Portuguese: cod. Dried and salted.

And I went on.

I saw the Santa Justa elevator, a very clever way of overcoming the hills!

I stopped at Fnac. Just to see what was going on there... And then I went up to Carmo Square, the epicentre of the revolution Portugal saw taking place in 1974.
A few shots were fired. No one was hurt or anything. You see, Portuguese people are nice!

Actually, a few bullet holes could be seen on the walls in this building, military barracks.

The traditional Lisbon trams. Which I love.

My photo spree was coming to an end. I was going to meet Vanessa, who is a very smart girl. Not only because she knows French, but mainly because she lives downtown Lisbon. No better place, I say.

Anyway, I bumped into Rui. I thought he was off from work, but his days off were changed and he was there! So we chatted for a bit, exchanged numbers and made promises.

I found Vanessa's place and I was happy. And so was she. And slightly altered, I guess.

She has such a nice place! I'm jealous, I must say!

We chatted - she did it more than I - and we went for a snack at a coffe shop behind her place, in between three buildings. So cool!

I had this: a galão and a toast!

I was happy. Very happy!

Especially when I got to the slice in the middle. Soaked in butter!

We went back to her place. I needed some rest, as my stomach is not used to the strong Portuguese coffee anymore... But soon enough it was time for us to go for dinner. And we chose a great place: Armazéns do Chiado, from which you can dine overlooking the castle, on a hill on the other side of downtown! Great view!

I had a great day. Meeting friends and looking at beautiful Lisbon.
I'm still convinced it's the most beautiful city in the world!

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Tia Maria disse...

Este tipo de posts devia de ser proibido. Está aqui um gajo em terras de Beatriz cheio de saudades de Lisboa e dá de caras com isto.
Tá male, não se faz. lol

Anónimo disse...

I like the ground in Portugal. I see that you DO drink coffee and uh and so forth oh, what time is it there and here? uh ok.

my tummy is uncomfortable