quarta-feira, setembro 23, 2009

One day, two great girls

Monday was yet another great day! Again, the weather was just perfect.
I know I mention the weather maybe too often, but it feels great not having that crappy humid heat around me!

I took the bus all the way to Belém, a very nice area by the river. I had a lunch date with Aninhas. And how did we come to know each other? Through our blogs. She writes, I read. I write, she reads! And we have shared many emails and stuff alike.
Nowadays, she is not living in Portugal, but she came here on holiday and she spent a few days in beautiful Lisbon! And so we got to meet in person!

We chose a restaurant right across from the famous Pastéis de Belém...

We chatted so much. Shared so many stories. Cursed loads. And laughed even more!
Plus, the food was delicious: roasted pork with rice and fries and yummy stuff! Including our amazing desserts, which you can see above! And I had a delicious chocolate mousse!

Our first time together could not be as short as a simple lunch. So we took a stroll in the park. Those trees are amazing and have beautiful shades. And benches where we could rest our beautiful and "desserted" bodies!

And I could show off my socks for the day!

It was great meeting my Aninhas - I promised I would find her a new nickname, but that it would be a nice one. Just because I am a nice guy!

I had to say good-bye to Aninhas, a girl full of funny stories! And I love people with funny stories to tell!
She was going to visit a palace and I was on the way to my second date on that same day: Leonor!

And our first and obvious stop was the Pastéis de Belém shop. A unique cafe with those unique egg tarts! How I miss them!

Another session of laughter, giggling, stories and crazy adventures!

We had our bodies full of sugary things and off we went to the monastery right next door. To take pictures, so the world sees Lisbon's blue skies and its wonderful monuments!

And two beautiful people: Leonor and I!

We also sat at the park, but then I started feeling peckish! So off we went to that very Portuguese institution, Starbucks! Plus, Leonor seemed to be freezing. Although she kept saying she was fine!
I want to say, in my defense, that I am not addicted to it, but Starbucks seems to be the only place where I can find soy latte and things with no real milk! It's just that my lactose intolerance seems to hate the milk from the regular coffee shops and I get a really upset stomach...

Anyway, there we sat and enjoyed one another.

Very much, I must say.

It's funny that I felt like I already knew them. I am happy that my blog has put people like them in my life!

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Anónimo disse...

Só passeio...muito bom!

Celeste disse...

Obrigada por me convidarem, a mim que até estou perto.


Chuif, Chuif

V. disse...

Awww ^^

Agora fui eu que me emocionei!!!
Já estou em terras Algarvias... a ver se aproveito estes últimos 5 dias.