terça-feira, setembro 29, 2009

How many times to I have to say this?!

Lisbon is beautiful. Especially when I start my visit in great company!

I had called Mari earlier in the morning and she told me she would be having lunch with Vanessa and that Telma might be joining them as well. So I got my fat ass off the bed and got pretty and went downtown. I never miss an opportunity to go downtown Lisbon!

Vanessa and I took a stroll around Chiado, admiring the beauty of our city!

Right next to where we had lunch there's a vertical public lift, from where you have a breathtaking view of that area of the city! And one can even see the river!

One can also see the castle.

This is an old convent destroyed by the 1755 earthquake that shook Lisbon and destroyed most of it. In fact, this earthquake shaped the way Europe and Men thought about itself... People realized Nature prevails. No matter what.

The convent has been kept the way it stood after the quake. And is now a museum... Where I hope to go one of these days...

One of the amazing features of the beautiful city of Lisbon is that the river is always there to be seen... Around the corner, down the street, when you open the window of the upper floors of an old building...

The trams are another amazing part of the city. I love them and want to ride one as soon as possible...

And I was surprised to see some kids just getting a ride, like my father used to.
Yes, it is dangerous and yes, it is illegal, but is typical. It's Lisbon at its best...

A detail of the pavement.

São Carlos, Lisbon's Opera House.

One of the many churches.

A flower shop.

A jewelry shop.

One of the most beautiful subway stations in Lisbon, as far as I am concerned. So simple, so plain and yet so magnificent. Right under the beautiful streets of downtown.

Yet another pleasant afternoon had come to an end. Now, tell me, how can I not feel happy having amazing friends like these and being in such an amazing city like this?!

8 comentários:

Sofia Feliz disse...


E eu aqui enfiada em casa com o puto doente! Dam!

Anónimo disse...

E o que eu gosto do 28...adoooro!!
Bela tarde!!

V. disse...

You simply can't!


Unknown disse...

Oi Migo!
Não sabia que já estavas em Portugal.
É para ficar?


Pulha Garcia disse...

Muito fixes as fotos na modalidade "regresso à pátria"...

Adoro sobretudo a foto da calçada Portuguesa...

Morgawayne EagleDove disse...

quando voltares á rua da florista (rua que liga os armazens do chiado á praça de camões) vai ver as campainhas do prédio onde está a florista. alias, quase se distinguem na foto que tiraste, mas teem um promenor MUITO giro, é que teem forma de OSSO!
p.s. tira foto porque merece!

Celeste disse...

É lindo é, eu vou hoje.

Mas oube lá carago, isto agra é um blog amaricano?



Anónimo disse...

fotos lindissimas da nossa terra :) parabesn por mostrares a toda a gente a nossa beleza!!