domingo, março 15, 2009

The day Adam made my day

Adam emailed me. He wanted some information about post-JET work. All because I went to that conference in Yokohama, the one aimed for the returning people.
I hope he doesn't mind me posting part of his email here, but I have to share ihs words with the world. Not in a self-adoring way, but because his words are so well written and because he made me truly happy. And that is worth keeping.

Hey Angelo! I`m writing just to ask a general networking question. (...) I once read in a book the idea that Queen Elizabeth (the one during Shakespeare`s time) was said to be such a good manager and a leader and worldy-wise person that she once wrote that she felt confident enough in her abilities that if she wasn`t queen and was dropped just about anywhere in England, she could land herself right back on her feet again and make a new living, easy. (...) The passage I read also reminded me of you and your talented and skillful social abilities I have observed in the past. You are, for instance, quite the lady`s man when it comes to being able to make them smile and laugh! I asked you once if you had any idea about what you were going to do after the JET programme, and I think I recall you shrugging and looking confidently non-chalant. My interpretation was, "this is a guy you could drop almost anywhere, economic crisis or no economic crisis, job or no job, and he would be back on his feet faster than a cat in no time!" Anyways you are older and wise and have more experience than I do, so I was just wondering if you know or have heard of any job opportunities for ALTs who will someday leave the JET programme like me.

With this, Adam, you truly made my day. Or better, you made my entire month! Or even my entire coming months, because when I start feeling scared about the future, I will retire to these words and find some strength within myself.

Honto arigato!

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Daniel Silva disse...

Apesar do lapso "is" em vez de "his" 6ª linha (se não ainda vens mais tarde reclamar como o Hydra que todos viram e ninguém disse) lol - eu subscrevo tudo o que o Adam te disse. E gostei, não só da "visão" final dele de ti, como particularmente de "You are, for instance, quite the lady`s man when it comes to being able to make them smile and laugh!"