sexta-feira, abril 25, 2008

Oh, Shauna!

I'm home and so is Shauna. And nothing good can come out of that.

I've been hearing Shauna talking about her hair again and again. And again. I mean, I totally understand the need to tame that wilderness she keeps on her head. Hence the pictures this morning.

The first one is good. Ms. Hall going around in her place, busy as usual, 3 children, a husband to take care of. Plants to water. Oh, what an exciting life. Don't forget to put the garbage out and take the newspaper in.

Then she sends me another one. Apparently, the first one was a tad too old and she wants to send me a new one. I wait anxiously.
And then I get what you see:

I wonder, is this Diana Ross caught drinking and driving or a crazy old lady going around with a supermarket cart picking up cans from the streets, like in the movies?
No, it's Shauna.

By the second picture, I want to yell a lot. But I can't because my throat has been acting weird. The blood on my veins is nearing boiling point out of the rage I have for not being able to yell. Carlo and So understand these urges, I know.

We talk on the phone and she says she is looking for a good spot, with the right light, to take a new picture to email me. Again, I anxiously wait. This can't be good on my skin, I say.

Her comment to this last one was something like "it's kinda long. On the sides.".

I love Shauna! But I wanna hit her!

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