quinta-feira, novembro 05, 2009

On Japan

So, now the solution is giving allowances to the families to have babies.
Yeah, sure. Will this work in a country with such a fast decline of its population?!
As far as I can see, no. This money scheme will be of little use. What Japan needs is more pre-school care, more flexible work hours and rules, a change in the mindset of what women should be and do. Not to mention a new relationship with immigration...

And I see the government not doing any of this. Maybe because giving cash is easier and cheaper! Albeit ineffective...

Why am I not surprised this is coming out of Japan!?
Maybe because it's so much easier, cheaper, spectacular and profitable to make a machine that will never be able to interpret properly than to invest in a proper language education!

But, hey, this is just me talking to myself...

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