domingo, novembro 08, 2009


Yesterday, my good friend Margarida - aka Meggie, Mega, Rottweiler - picked me up and off we went. We had no real idea of where to go... North wouldn't be very good, because the weather was a bit weird, so I suggested going to Cabo Espichel, South. I had never been there and it would be a good opportunity and some good pictures for sure.

We crossed the river - I love crossing it! - and we missed our highway exit. No problem, I said. There should be one not far. Well, I was wrong, but we went on and ended up finding our way anyway!

We stopped for a snack.

And some nasty self-pics.

After our break in a sleepy cafe, we went on and came across this:

So cool! And all this just outside of Lisbon!

And check out these goats on their feet having some tasty ivy!

Eventually, we got to Cabo Espichel, Espichel Cape.

What a nice place. Very windy.

A little chapel, next to the precipice.

Lately all my friends and I talk about is America's Next Top Model... So here's my homage to it.

And some extensions gone bad.

Going there was a good surprise. I liked the sanctuary in such an unhospitable place.
We noticed there are no trees.

There are some street vendors. I loved this couple.

We took no wrong exits and we returned to our side of the river. For a cup of green tea with a cinammon stick.

With clear side effects.

5 comentários:

Maria Manuela disse...

Eu já fui muito, mas muito feliz no Cabo Espichel. Nem te conto.


V. disse...

Was that... Regina de laranja??!?!?

As cabrinhas são tão cutes... lindas mesmo.

E olha lá... tens a certeza que isso foi chá verde com cinnamon stick, ou terá sido chá verde com ginjinha? É que com esses side-effects, lol.


Individual(mente) disse...

Como diz a Maria Manuela, também eu já fui muito feliz no Cabo Espichel. Não me importaria nada de lá voltar. Toda a zona costeira, com bom tempo, é adorável.

Sofia Feliz disse...

Sabes, tenho um sonho com esses edifícios do Cabo Espichel.

Se fosse milionária, comprava aquilo tudo e fazia turismo de charme, com quartinhos em cada arcada. Dava para fazer um restaurante todo janota, fazer até casamentos lá na capela...e aproveitar a localização para organizar passeios a cavalo, de bicicleta ou a pé.

Mas isto são sonhos...o pior é o guito!!!

Ricardo disse...

Muita nice :)