segunda-feira, fevereiro 18, 2008

Celeste made me do it!

Celeste challenged me to answer to a small quiz about myself. I found it interesting and here it is in English too. I don't want Shauna to tell me she doesn't understand my blog!

7 things I'm good at:
- Loving (almost in a biblical sense)
- To enjoy what's beautiful
- Sleeping
- Laughing
- Understanding different points of view
- Chatting for hours and hours
- Thinking too much (which can be a very bad thing)

7 things I'm not good at:
- Cooking
- Being hypocritical (and dealing with people like that)
- Talking on the phone for too long
- Being a bad person
- Remembering stuff
- Deciding quickly
- Extreme sports (specially when on vacation)

7 things I often say:
- Fu*k, but only in English!!! I haven't yet figured out why...
- Really!?
- Kikinho (just a stupid way of saying "cute")
- SUGEEE (a Japanese interjection for surprising situation, which is very handy indeed)
- But...
- Shoot! (as in "shit")
- (I yell a lot. Specially with Sonia and Carlos)

7 things I appreciate in people:
- Open-mindedness
- Honesty
- Intelligence
- Humor (above all people that can laugh about themselves)
- Self-esteem
- Diplomacy
- Elegance

7 movies:
- Mad Max III (I love sci-fi, but this movie is special just because goddess Tina Turner is on it!)
- Sister's Act
- Moulin Rouge
- Fifth Element
- Color Purple
- Kill Bill I
- All about my mother (and movies by Pedro Almodovar in general)

7 actors and actresses I like:
- Jodie Foster
- Judi Dench
- Whoopi Goldberg
- Sally Field
- Elizabeth Taylor
- Regina Duarte
- Brad Pitt

I'm not going to ask anyone to do this, but I have to say it can be quite a challenge! It certainaly was for me, as it's always difficult for me to decide anything anyway!

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Paula disse...

Também fui desafiada mas estive à altura!
Good answers!