segunda-feira, outubro 22, 2007


I was watching Lost and I had two flashbacks, just like in the series...

I remembered the times my cousin Diana would pretend to eat my father's mustache, when she was a kid...

And I remembered something else about my trip to Portugal, I forgot to tell you about:
I was in Sete Rios, getting my train ticket at a vending machine, just next to an escalator. Before I even got the ticket, I saw a man falling on the escalator. He was just behind his wife. He was somewhat old and had some bags and he somehow spun and got his head downwards! I was so scared that he wouldn't get up before the escalators got to the next floor, that I ran up the escalators to help him. He didn't hurt himself, but he was somewhat confused with all that and things kept falling from his shirt pocket. Poor thing!
But what really pissed me off what that this cunt - sorry for my French, but that's what she was - who was going onto the escalators just then, saw what was happening and backed up! Isn't there a sense of helping people when they are clearly in trouble just for the sake of it anymore!?

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