terça-feira, outubro 16, 2007

Day 5 - Going back in time

I think Lisbon is much more cosmopolitan now than it used to be. It's not only black and white people anymore, but also many Asians and Indians. More and more mixed couples and all. And people don't stare at people that look different, as they used to. It's so much better this way. It feels like a small melting pot, like London.
I wish Japan was like that too! I know that Japan is Japan and all, but a country can still be unique while embracing diversity and other people. As long as the concept of gaijin exists, this will never be fully achieved, I guess.

Lisbon is even more beautiful nowadays. I know the sky is always the same, with that strong beautiful blue and the light in this city is just amazing. But also the buildings are now better kept and people seem to behave in a more civilized way. It's only a pity to see all the beggars at each corner... Actually, and before I forget, I even came across some beggars at the airport! I was really surprised, especially when the man was asking for nothing less that 4 Euro! Was he going to take a low cost flight or something?

Another thing I also noticed is that police are everywhere. I felt safe in the city. I know that many people complain and all, but Lisbon is still a pretty safe place, when compared to, even, London.

Enough of metaphysical considerations...

On Day 5th, I went back to Lisbon. Again, I got up quite early and headed to Campo Pequeno. I was going to meet my friend Miguel. He became a radiologist since the last time I had met him. How fancy!
Again, I was early, so I took some pictures at my place.
Here's the view I have from my bedroom: a really cool park and a water reservoir...

I also took some pictures of when I was a baby, many many years ago. I was also thin, back then...

Wasn't I cute, in the beginning of times?

And here's a very interesting picture of a newspaper showing my mother holding me in her arms! It was taken in 1979, when elections took place and the subtitle was something like "Like many other people, this young mother went to vote, holding her son". What about that!?

After all the pictures, I took the train to Lisbon. I was quite early, so I had a morning snack. I know, I know, but I was always hungry around 10! Can I blame it on the jet lag as well?
Anyway, I wrote some postcards, went to the post office (the lady thought I was the son of a man living near by who is also in Japan!) and then went around the (yet another) new shopping centre at Campo Pequeno. Despite being underground, it is full of natural sun light, and that is something I always appreciate. I also went to Benetton. Somehow, I never bought anything there, that I can remember...

The thing with Campo Pequeno is that it has a bull fight ring. And I couldn't disagree more with such barbarity! Anyway, all the area was renewed and it looks much better nowadays!

While I was waiting for Miguel, I talked to my dearest Rebekka Teresa (she will kill me for revealing her middle name!). She was going to do a little grocery shopping, but she came to say hi! And here we are, all beautiful and gorgeous!

In the meanwhile, Miguel had arrived. I know we don't see his eyes here, but, believe me, the sun was indeed strong!

After spending a few hours chatting to Miguel - it's always a pleasure - eating lunch at Picoas Plaza and checking some shops, I went to visit Sandra, aka Sandrate.
She is hyper pregnant, as you can see, but the baby wants to come out and meet the world. The only problem is that it's a bit too early. And to avoid problems, she has to stay home and do absolutely nothing! And that is driving her crazy, because she had been doing that for a couple of weeks already and she had still 6 more weeks to go. She felt like she had read all the books in the world and seen all the tv shows there are!
I think it's for a good cause, though!

Besides, she can watch (again and again) "Extreme makeovers", the coolest show ever!
A team of designers and other people, together with loads of volunteers, would refurbish the house of people in need or, most of the times, build a new house from scratch while the family would go on vacation! There were really moving stories on the show: a mother with her two sons, who were sharing a minuscule attic because the contractor who was rebuilding their house took their money and never finished the job... The mother had been sleeping on a couch for over 12 years; or a family of mute parents, and their two kids, one of them being an autistic blind boy. They got a new house, with a special room for their handicapped kid. And the other son, who was 14 years old, got a university scholarship! Shit! He cried, the parents cried, the designers team cried. I cried!

But I don't get those things in Japan! Not even Oprah, can you believe it!?

After all, it was on this day that I had to go and meet my parents in Queluz, that great dormitory of Lisbon. I have no recollection of I had to do the day before! Gosh!

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