domingo, outubro 14, 2007

Day 2 - Taking it easy

On the second day, and as I said before, I woke up very very early... Watched some TV and then slept for an hour or so... It was a day to take things easy! I stayed around and my father and I went to visit his mother, my grandmother.
It was great seeing her again, but I honestly felt she is quite apathetic. She does go out and stuff, but she spends a lot of time alone, which makes things worse... Still, she is looking good, and that's great!

We took some pictures, as you can tell, including some weird ones... My father goes crazy, sometimes.

And here he is with his mother.

On the way back, we decided to stop at an aunt's place, my father's sister. I hadn't seen her in ages, and it was great to see her again! She is really crazy and curses a lot, all the times!
Here she is with me, her husband and her grand-daughter.

We stopped at a shopping centre just around the corner, where one of my cousins works. She is my this aunt's daughter. Another person I hadn't seen in ages.

Lisbon has loads of super shopping centres. The biggest one in the Iberian Peninsula is there, still there are more and more of these places popping up everywhere. There will be an even bigger one in the city I live, just outside Lisbon.
And then people say that they have no money and the economy is not good. Well, I do see many credit cards everywhere...

Anyway, we went back home and I took this picture, Japanese-style, with my other granny.

And then it was "feeding the hungry animal" time. This time it was lulas recheadas, the famous stuffed squids I always mention when people ask me what food I prefer! My mouth was full of water by then!

And that was pretty much it. After a day of resting, I was ready to face a week of going around, meeting people and yelling a lot!

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Anónimo disse...

Nao conhecia a tua avó paterna... Deixa-me dizer que tem um ar fofinho ;) Uma surpreendente foto ;) E curiosamente o teu pai está tb lambuzado ao lado dela, assim como cheio de água na boca pelas wonderful portuguese food ;)

Anónimo disse...

bem, o lambuzado com água na boca pela irrepreensivel e inigualável comida portuguesa, obviamente referia-me a ti ;) e a t-shirt... aiiii

Anónimo disse...

Wow, you are back in Europe!! How long are you staying ??
I was in Hong Kong last week and I saw the restaurant you went to!!! When I saw the name of it I really thought about you! What a coincidence. Looks like you are having a good time with your family and friends!! All the best!