sexta-feira, outubro 19, 2007

Intermission - Freaking dream

And the weird dreams go on! Last night, I dreamed that I was at where my grandmother used to live (the water reservoir complex in central Odivelas). I was there with my parents. The place was a bit different in my dream, but I knew it was there.
I took my watch off (the one Daniel gave me for my birthday!) and put it on some table or something. And things started going wrong... This group of gipsy young troublemakers got somehow in and took my watch. One of them tried to sell it to me and I recognized it! He was distracted for a while and I took it from his hands, shouting that it was mine and he had no right to have it with him.
Suddenly, the guys wanted to hit me and kill me and the police was there.
Somehow, people flocked there. And they had tickets, as if they were watching a show!
Police started a control of those tickets, with some ladies at the entrance of the complex (soooo Japanese!). The problem was that we didn't have any tickets, so my father had to show his ID card in order to prove that he had gone there to visit his mother!
The Gipsies didn't have any tickets either, so they were caught, while trying to get out with no tickets. But one managed to get out... And he was waiting in a car (an old small white one), under a building, around the corner, so he would follow us home. But we spotted him, and went on walking, instead of going to our car.
We walked for a while, and alerted the police and some other people walking by.
Eventually, the guy drove by and the police got him, as we took a long time on purpose!
We went home after that!

Shit! I woke up feeling like crap!

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