terça-feira, outubro 16, 2007

Day 6 - Going back in time or back to work

The next day, yet again, the jet lag pushed me out of bed. The thing is that it wasn't just the jet lag, but also the excitement with being back to a beautiful place, surrounded by MY people ("people" as in "people I know" and not as in "Portuguese people". Not that I have anything against the Portuguese people, but I am the least patriotic person I know!).

On this day, I went to the university where I studied. When I told some of my friends I had gone there, they were surprised. But keep in mind that I also worked there, that I know many people there and that place has many pieces and bits of my life. Going there made me the person I am today. With the amazing friends I have. That's why it's always a pleasure going back there!

It's also always a pleasure meeting Maria Jose. I know she is famous for never being where she should be, at her office, but having worked there, I also know that many times she has many other things to do. And, yes, she does go in late. In fact, I got there before her, and then it was already past 10 in the morning!
Actually, when I met her, on the first floor, talking to a co worker (who I also know, but whose name I forgot...), she made me work! Can you believe that?! There was an Iraqi girl with a problem, escorted by a lady (if not the ambassador herself!) from the ambassy. Lady Maria Jose asked me to take them to the faculty office, while she went upstairs to drop her stuff at her own office! Only that woman would do such a thing!
But I did what she had asked with all the pleasure. It reminded me of the old times, when I knew every corner of the university, all the procedures for everything... But Maria Jose keeps forgetting that I haven't worked there for 6 years now and that a lot has changed.
Later on the day, when I was checking the internet alone at her office, some students showed up and asked questions... I had to run to her... Things have changed a lot, specially with the Bologna thingy...

I took the girl and the lady to the office and dealt with the girl's problem. Maria Jose came soon after and took control of the situation!
Actually, later, and although I went there for some hours only, I had a message waiting for me at the office! Can you believe it?!

After all this, I visited some people, including Sao.doc. I nicknamed her like this, as her work has to do, in Portuguese, with the word "documentation". I remember the precise moment when I came up with this name: she called Maria Jose at her office, but she was away. I wrote down her name as Sao.doc.

And here is Maria Jose (the lady on the left). She is looking much better nowadays. Last time she was going through many problems, having lost her brother and all. Besides, she is going to become a grandmother. She is thrilled with that! I wouldn't be: it would mean lots of wrinkles and I m a boy. So that wouldn't be good, I guess.
The lovely lady on the right is Angelica. She was my teacher on my first two years at the university. She taught English Linguistics. Not an easy thing to study, I have to say.
She is so nice and she told us funny stories that I cannot reproduce.
I remember that, after our class having taken our first test, she was pissed at us. She said we couldn't write Portuguese (which would probably be true for like 25% of the people!) and so on and so on. I remember Mr. Angelo raising his hand and saying that maybe that was true, but she would have to get ready for the new students after us... After so many years, she says that things are much worse now. Kids are arrogant and know very little. I told her so!
And I also remember doing all my homework on my second year and being a good boy all year around, still she didn't give a higher mark. She has recognized her mistake... Plus, there is no way I could not forgive this lady! She is great!

At lunch time, I bumped into Mario Jorge Torres. He was never my professor, but I know many people there, as I said before. Connections, people! Connections!
The last time I had met him, was in Berkeley, by accident! Still today it's hard to believe that!
We had lunch and Balbina (funny name) was there as well. Here we are!

That day the freshmen reception was going on. I don't know about other countries, but in Portugal senior students will take the freshmen around, embarrass them, paint their faces, make them dance and so on.
I remember that my father drove me to uni that day. I got there early and that was when the seniors spotted me. I ended up dancing and singing (a song that, later in my life, was caught on tape at a teachers' seminar in Oita and showed on TV!) and went home with my face all full of colors. But, at least, I didn't go home smelling like shit, like my cousin did, when she was made to run after some pigs...
When I became a senior, I had my share of taunting the freshmen. But I always gave them a chance to escape! As the airport in Lisbon is very close to the uni, we could spot the planes. If they could tell me where they were coming from, they would be able to go home. They never got it!

Now, being older, wiser and fatter, I realize that maybe this is all nonsense... But it was fun back then!

I called aunty Zu to check if she was going to the university. She replied, as soon as she understood it was me, "of course I'll go immediately"!
Aunty Zu was my professor. At one of the most difficult subjects ever: history of English language. With classes on Saturday mornings and all.
Anyway, she is a sweetheart and I sincerely hope she can come to Japan and visit me!
We had a quick chat and it was a pleasure seeing her all beautiful!

I had a quick chat with aunty Zu, because I was meeting Joao at 4. Joao is a super cool friend, who is in love with Japan (and not only, he told me!). And he has been the only friend from Portugal who came to Japan to visit me. So far!!!

It was yet again a pleasure talking to him. He told me stories and I told him about my life...

Joao was going to Spain (this guy is always on the run!), so he left and so did I. I went to say good bye to the people at the faculty office. And here are the Carlas, as they share the same name!

I worked a lot with those crazy girls!
It was a pity, though, that Mafalda, the girl that does the certificates, was on holidays (as she always is!). In freaking Jamaica! Maybe she is meeting Shauna's parents and dogs!

I had had a nice day at the uni, but it was time to head Downtown again. I'm telling you I can't get sick of Lisbon, specially when the light embraces the city as you can see...

I particularly like the church on the left side of the picture. There was a fire there many years ago and it took forever to repair the building. But the result is splendorous: the building was cleaned, but never renewed. This church is really cool. But there was no time for me to go in. Besides, I might get on fire myself if I enter a church...

Now, tell me, don't the pictures look great?

And here's the picture I had promised you all before: Elevador de Santa Justa. You can take it to go up to Carmo and you can go even a little higher and have a sip on top of the elevator building. It will cost you a small fortune, but it's well worth it!

I was waiting for them at Chiado... And I did wait. These two, my parents, since they have a car, can't go anywhere without it! So they'd rather face the traffic all the way to Downtown than parking the thing and taking the subway or so...

It was ok. I was on holidays and my father was going to get a surgery, so I didn't bother that much. Plus, my skin can't handle me bothering about things...
My father wanted to go to a Chinese restaurant, so we went... Actually, I wanted to go to another place, in Bairro Alto, but I had found out that it had closed down! I thought that Chinese restaurants never closed down! Well, I guess sometimes I'm wrong...

Before eating, we did a little shopping. I always like a second opinion, and none better than my mother's!
And I bought this amazing hat, that will be extremely useful in the cold Japanese winters!

We stopped at Jumbo, a massive supermarket... Now guess what is being built there? Yes, another shopping centre! God!

The next day would be a big day: my birthday!

And now it's time for me to go out and grab some food. I promised to myself that I will cook more often at home... But just let me get over the jet lag, so I can go shopping...

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Anónimo disse...

Oh meu deus, querido Angelo, o que tu me foste lembrar... A Maria José, responsável por alguns dos meus traumas na faculdade.Só tu para a aturares. Mas em contrapartida foi tão bom ver a querida Angélica que fazia o dueto mais querido da Fac com a tb queridissima Boucherie. Ai,ai estou a ter um grande ataque de nostalgia. bjs

Anónimo disse...

Olá Angelo!
Sei que não me conheces ao vivo e a cores, mas os telemóveis já ajudam a ter uma ideia...
Obrigada pelo "parece mais nova" :-)
Gostei de cuscar o teu blog apesar de estar escrito numa língua que não me agrada perticularmente (o inglês).

Por falar em língua, a foto e o respectivo quadro estavam muiiiiiiiiiito giros :-)

Também eu, como sabes, já andei por terras japonesas na primavera (final de Março até quase ao final de Abril)do ano passado. As cerejeiras em flor desde Tóquio a Nagazaki é um espectáculo que recomendo a todos.

E quero voltar um dia!

Mas antes tenho que aprender umas palavritas de japones para poder comunicar com o povo mais simpático, delicado, amável, educado, atencioso, etc, etc que já conheci até hoje.

A tua ideia de festejar o aniversário no relvado de Belém foi espectacular!
Já agora, e embora atrasada, bueno cumpleaño...