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Day 4 - Another Wonderland

I'm a little brain dead. I slept 3 hours and I took a nap for like 30 minutes! I just can't sleep! Of all the people, it had to be me: the guy that is always sleeping! Still, I'll try my best...

On Tuesday, I woke up early. Again. It was time to take the bus to the place I used to work at: QNE. Actually, it's a nickname, meaning "that there isn't", as in "it doesn't exist". And, believe me, sometimes I wonder how can such a place really be there. But then I look at the great memories I've kept from there and I know that it really exists!

I was so happy to go there. I had been there last year, but I hadn't seen Daniel, aka Pipinho. His mother had died then and he was home, suffering, as anyone would do. And QNE (whose real name is Amelia Rey Colaco High School) is not the same without him! No way!

I took the same bus I use to take. The infamous 114. Not so bad these days! But you can guess it being a totally suburban line... I even emailed my ex-boss to tell her that I would be late. In name of the old times. She didn't reply, which I found to be rude and strange. Later, I came to know that she had gone to the doctor that morning and she would be late for work.

I got to the school, and I got in through the downstairs entrance. The first people I met were Dulce (aka Dulcineia) and Madalena (aka Mada). Actually, and because that place doesn't exist, I left the cafeteria after seeing one of Madalena's breasts! I'm telling you, that woman is just insane! But I do miss a bit of insanity at work... Japan can be sooooo boring...

And here I am with Pipinho. I truly think that my life and myself changed when I met him. He is not only hilarious, but also very interesting. I kind of miss our arguments, not agreeing on stuff like religion and politics. Then again, I don't get that here, as I can't have those arguments... Nihongoga wakarimasen!

We all went to this really nice restaurant next to the school. And I was so happy, because I had something I had had only once before: minced meat on puff pastry! Absolutely delicious!
And this great meal ended even better with an amazing pineapple crepe! Then again, I would kill to get that here, like, NOW!

We actually had to go to the restaurant, because the people in charge of the cafeteria, just because they decide, took the lasagna I had begged for out of the menu! Bad, bad people!

Myself and Crista Bomba. We have stories about everyone. We made up that this one likes bombs! Long, long story...

And the "bica", or the only way coffee should be ingested! Espresso.
I didn't drink it. But any proper person has one. Last time I had one, at Starbucks in Oita, my tummy went crazy and I didn't sleep that night...

Gina, the electric woman. Just made this one up, as she got a machine in her heart that can shock her if necessary. I think that's fancy! Plus she went to Bulgaria for holidays! Crazy woman!

Gracinda, aka Grace, Gracilinda and so on. She loves shoes. And she has a great taste, I might add! A great company, on a good day!

At the office, being stupid, as usual.

The good thing is that it is not only me being stupid at "work"... I caught them!

Maria. With her beautiful eyes!

Paula, or Pauleta or, my favorite, Miss Piggy. Posing with my sunglasses (true whores!) and the bag for my computer. Everyone loves it. But not more than I do, that's for sure!

And then she came, the boss. Well, sometimes I wonder who the boss is, but that's fine. Still, I was very happy to meet her! And even sat on her lap!

And Maria Jose, still working with numbers, since Candocha left. Still today I can't really see her doing that painstaking job...

And Sonia, the girl that took over my job, dealing with the social welfare at school! But can you believe that we both wore the same color!? MY GOD!

Aunt Adelia, as I still call her. Everyone is still surprised how she changed when Pipinho and I started working at this school. But I wonder if anyone had ever approached her like we did! She even kissed us and laughed with us!

And Lena, a very nice lady!

By the end of the day, I was exhausted! Pipinho's extreme energy was overwhelming. But I felt so good, being back there, with those people. Curiously enough, a teacher thought I still worked there - I haven't worked there for over 2 years now! - and she asked me to take a file to the office, when she bumped into me in the corridor! She later apologized, but I did it anyway! We should respect people that live in their own little worlds!

On the other hand, many people were saying that I was needed there. Were people just being nice? My answer was always the same "I would love to come back. But you'd have to pay me the same salary I get in Japan". Oh, yeah!
And I met another soul, sitting next to the office, who had a real interest in Japan and had actually been here! That one did surprise me!

After the nice day at my previous work place, Pipinho and I took the 11 line, to Lisbon. 11 is more upper class, unlike 114. Grace will agree with me, I know.
I had asked Pipinho to go with me to Lisbon, like we did so many times before. We got off at Amoreiras. My first big disappointment: the "Often" store had closed... We stopped at "Zara". Sorry for the list, but I was in need of finding something nice and that fit me properly! I was half disappointed though: everything seemed to be black and dark brown! Spare me! We need color for the winter! Winter is boring enough as it is. Or maybe all the stylists got into a nervous breakdown...

We left "Zara" and I was trying to talk to Pipo (a nickname of Pipinho, itself a nickname of Daniel). But talking to him is an improbable task to accomplish: he asks the questions, but keeps on going, not letting you reply. But he got the point and actually let me speak! I was happy.

But, just after that, I was pissed again, as our secret tea house had closed and became a restaurant. I couldn't believe it! I wanted to have a litre of hot chocolate and get some diarrhea like before. Out of gluttony!
I don't want to talk about it.

Still, the area in that part of the city, like almost everywhere else in Lisbon, is very nice. Right there is the big reservoir of the aqueduct that used to bring water to Lisbon. I have never been inside it, but it is said to be amazing. It's one of the places I must visit in Lisbon one day!

Here's an arch over the street next to it. I remember taking a tram with my mother, going through there and a guy trying to steal my watch, as I looked out the window... Oh, nice memories indeed!

And we found this little nice chapel, built in the aqueduct. Lisbon is full of surprises.

From there, we went to the Socialist Party. I had to update my data there and check if my payments were ok or not. Yes, I am a Socialist Party member.

I asked Pipinho to go with me to a soap shop, at Alexandre Herculano street. I had been there long long time ago, but as soon as I got in, the lady said that she recognized me and that I hadn't been there for a long time. From this to her knowing I was in Japan and me knowing that her father used to be a captain at the sea, it was a very short step. I bought loads of soaps. It felt great being back there, buying cinnamon or mango soaps! Like the good old days.
Pipinho was just amazed at the service there and I hope he goes back there. I certainly will, and everybody should go, I think! The conversation we kept was really interesting, and when I told the lady that all my favorite shops seemed to have closed she immediately asked me not to say that again! I do understand her!

And down Liberdade avenue we went, like so many other times. Pipinho did behave this time - unlike so many other times... which I secretly miss - as we were talking about quantic physics and Shoppenhauer's theories... Yeah, right!
Suddendly, it was time to go, as I had to meet my parents in Queluz, a great place to go, after Lisbon. Again, yeah, right!

Now, my friends, pray to the gods for me to get a good night of sleep. If not, no work tomorrow!

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