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Day 7 - It's all full of love

Friday, October 5th, I turned 29. I decided to do something different, for many reasons, the first one being that I like being original, the second being that is much easier to organize a picnic, being on the other side of the world and the third one is even better: instead of making a reservation at a restaurant, it's much easier this way. People come and go as they want.
So, yes, I decided to have a picnic in Belem, with my family and friends!

The day started quite gray: clouds in the sky and a headache in my head. The first time ever a remember such a thing! But it was my day, only mine, so I decided to tell the headache to piss off, which it eventually did.
I was congratulated by my parents and dog and soon it was time to go. Mari picked my mother, grandmother and me up at my place and off we went. My father went to buy some barbecued chicken (another idea Japan MUST import one of these days!) and pick up my other grandmother. Apparently, it was quite difficult to take her out of her house! But he managed!

People had been asking me about a plan B: "what if it rains?". I always said that it would not rain. In fact, the day was really nice, full of sun, as you will be able to tell by the pictures. There were some clouds in the sky, but nothing to worry about!

And because I really like being original, I could not wear just jeans and a t-shirt. Well, I did wear that, after taking off my Japanese kimono and my geta and tabi.

Here I am with my grandmother (the maternal one). Behind us it's the Torre de Belem.

My mother and moi meme.

Mari, aka Maria Joao, Mj, Maki, Makaki, Makaka and so on...

I hope it's not what I'm thinking, but was my mother trying to fly out of there!? PFFFF!

We got there at 12.00, as had I told people. One of the first ones to get there was Xanoxa. Yes, she is all dressed up because, being a celebrity, she had a wedding on the other side of the river...

A really nice couple: Sonia and Rui. Both of them look exactly the same since the last time I had seen them, ages ago! This time Sonia didn't "live near her house"!

My Guardarina, aka Catarina, Catarineta. It was so good to meet her again and knowing that everything is going great with her. Her husband was somewhere else playing golf. I guess I forgive him this once...

Claudette, aka Claudia, habibi. She is absolutely adorable! But take my advice people, never, ever, make her mad! Trust me!

Pascal had told me he would fly to Lisbon for my birthday! I was so happy to hear that! And he got to Belem by himself and all!
Now we have memories to share, not only in Japan, but also in Lisbon! COOOOL!

Myself in my japanese outfit!

And the geta were a big success! Even Xana had to try them on! The only time she actually left the blanket!

Two thin people and me: Paulo and Ze!

I saw her coming, her head popping over the cart... Yes, it was Carla, a hilarious girl! And she brought her daughter... Unfortunately, she didn't sing Tina Turner for me...

...and there she was, Marta. The very first time I saw her live! How cute!

In the meanwhile, many people had arrived. And everyone likes babies, I guess... Specially Vanessa. Maybe because they are kind of the same size...

Another crazy bitch: Aida, aka Aidonia, Nini amongst other names I cannot tell... Another great moment, as it was destined to be!

Tete, aka Telma, Tete Bobo. And her boy, Nuno, nicknamed Telmixo.
Like Marta, I had never met Telmixo. He picked me up at the airport with Telma and the gang. And it's true: he is insane. And I love that!

I know the light of the pictures is not the best... But I have no way of going around that... Still, you can tell that it is Carlos on this picture! Another crazy boy!

Faneca and I. Vanessa Viviana doesn't sound that well, so Faneca is better for me. We have great moments together in your lives...

Again Mari and me.

Mari is many things. But I think that her best hobby is being a great "aunt"! She talks about the kids, knows everything about them, plays with them, caresses them... And here she is with Daniel, aka Nie. The last time I had seen him, he was just a baby... Now he runs, talks, makes faces and even wants to blow uncle Angelo's candles!

Did they actually meet before and told each other to wear horizontal stripes? I just wish I was thin like them so I could wear such a pattern!

Oh, yes, this is Susana. Because she, like me, is very international and a citizen of the world, the last time we had met was in Amsterdam. We had lunch, if I remember correctly. That was... 4-5 years ago?

Didn't I tell you? Here Mary is holding Guilherme, the latest baby to become part of our group. In fact I wonder how can good parents allow the kids to mingle with some fucked-up people...

Guilherme smiled quite a lot. Here he is, with his parents and uncle Angelo. In fact, I know Bruno, the father, since freaking 5th grade!

I really like this picture. Faneca and Ze. Ze is such a nice guy. So funny. And I have learned a lot with him. Oh, yes!

As I said before, my family was there as well. Here I am with my cousins. They are on the left and on the right sides of the pictures. Just making sure you know that!

And here are my uncle, my aunt and my granny!

We actually look good here, don't we? This is the cousin I mentioned before, the one that works at TMN in Chiado. Just in case you need help!

After all, it's not only my friends that are insane. So is my aunt. But I forgive her everything. Because she bribes me with her delicious Arroz doce!

Arroz doce is a kind of rice pudding, decorated with cinnamon. And I always ask my aunt to make some for me. Last time, actually, I brought some on the plane for people here to try it. And they just loved it! I WANT MORE!

And then I look and see Rita! I just laughed at her but she immediately told me "is this a picnic or not? I had to bring the basket!". Oh, Rita, genius, genius! Just like the present you gave me!

Sonia was just overwhelmed, as you can see! (I just hope Carlos doesn't break his computer when she sees this picture!)

Sonia, aka Jaba, Kiki, Babi... Actually, I should ask Carlos for a full list. Believe me, it seems to be endless!

Another great guy: Daniel, who I had met a few days before. He's in NY now.

Daddy and I. And, yes, he is wearing a t-shirt just like one I have! From San Francisco!

Daddy, mommy and the fat cow.

Nurse Rebekka! It's always so nice to meet this girl. I admire her entrepreneurship (shit, that's a big word!) and her open-mindedness! Go, girl!

I told you no one could resist the geta!

Yet another amazing person: my ex-doctor. Yes, she used to be my and my family's doctor. But we became friends and I absolutely love her! She is so funny and out-spoken, just the way I like people! I hadn't seen her in a long time, so it was great meeting her again! I was so happy, that I ran towards her to greet her! And I don't do that that often!
Plus, she made a spinach tart that was delicious!

The guy in red is Aida's husband, Daniel's father, Ze's friend. He's Dan.

Rita and Sonia.

Yes, it's me trying to ride Daniel's tricycle (no, Shauna, you can't! You already have yours!)... I was glad that Telmixo helped me! My jeans were just too tight for that!

Helio, aka Telio, and I. I was amazed at how light he actually is...

But Rebekka was a different story! I'm still here, though!

We couldn't resist... We had to have a wedding-like picture!

Here with even more people! Gosh!

Again, Eduarda and I!

My mother had asked me if I was going to buy a birthday cake. I told her there was no need... And there wasn't, indeed! Carla had baked a superb chocolate cake that became my birthday cake. It was a bit hard to start the candles, because of the little breeze in the air, but people formed a wall around the cake and we were able to light the things!

Just after I blew the candles, some people started hitting my head. A strange thing some people do at birthdays. But, hey, I was in Portugal, where people are indeed strange!

They don't understand my head is not very strong! Poor thing!

Uncle Sergio had to light the candles again! And aunt Lena didn't want me to put this picture on the blog! Lena, censorship is long gone, darling!

You see how the girls were looking at Sergio, all delighted!

But here was Daniel all happy blowing the candles all over again!

And Carlos was supervising! He's goog at that!

This day was full of big surprises. As I said, I met people I hadn't seen in ages.
Raquel, aka Raquelita, one of the most beautiful girls in the world, dropped by to say hello. And she brought her boyfriend, who I met for the first time!
Ana went there as well. It was so good talking about her throwing up stories! How refreshing! And her husband, Joao, was there too, with their son, Frederico. Another baby I hadn't seen in ages and now he looks like a full grown man! Poor thing had his lip swollen!
Aunties Sonia and Rita were also there!
These people, all together, make me think of the great times we spent all together at my final years at university, and after it... I wish we could live them all over again!

And yet another great person, who is always a pleasure to talk to: Paula! And she was looking hot, let me tell you!

I got some really nice presents. I got this t-shirt saying "faz-me um bico", meaning "draw me a beak". Interestingly enough, it has another meaning. But I cannot reveal it here. Plus, I wore the t-shirt to school today! The kids loved it, with the little red pencil!

And I also got a home made calendar. With beautiful words, that filled my eyes with tears...

In fact, I also got tears in my eyes, when I stopped to think that Lena, aka Helena, Lenia, was not at my party from the very beginning! She will have to compensate me!
The good thing is that she went there with Sergio, another cool guy!

I did get really cools presents. But the best thing was having all my friends around me. It felt so good. Still, I was sad that some people didn't show up... Andreas got stuck in Amsterdam, Gugo and Ana Garimpo just disappeared... The gang from QNE didn't show up, as usual (Pipinho did have prior arrangements)... But, then again, I was thrilled to be able to hug and feel these people that mean so much to me, and without whom my life would be meaningless...

But enough! I don't want you to cry over the computer keyboard!

After the party, it was time to clean up. We brought so much stuff home! I don't know why, but it's always like that, I guess!

We also stopped by Reboleira, a great place to visit, if you have the time... Yeah, right!
I used to live there and I used to carry this girl in my arms. It's hard to believe that she can already write her name and she has even started school!
And I was absolutely amazed when she dragged me into the bedroom and didn't let me out until I answered her question: "Why did you take so long?" I couldn't believe it! I just told her, Japan is very far. In fact, she sometimes asks my mother about me in Japan!

And her mother. Crazy!

I had dinner at home, with mom and dad, but then I went to meet Pascal downtown. Pascal is a flight attendant, so he knows the world. But he had never been out at night in Lisbon. And Lisbon does have a night life he absolutely loved! He is even thinking of taking some of his German friends there!
Lisbon is Lisbon and that's it. Although it's not enough for Daniel anymore...

We walked for a while and Pascal was delighted with the cheap price of the caipirinhas. We met Gabriel, the Spaniard.

And my good old friend Nuno, who has the same birthday as me. But he is much younger... (Cough, cough)...
It was great meeting him, as I never get news from him!

And that was it. I had had a great day, but it was time to go home and have my beauty sleep! I was in heaven!

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Xanoxa disse...

It was really a shame I had to leave so soon.. Now I see you all had a great time there...
Bur at least I know I had an award for the best wardrobe.. eheheheh

Waiting for the 30...