segunda-feira, setembro 15, 2008


Some submarine payed a visit to the Bungo Strait. Nobody knows where it came from, although it was well in territorial waters.
But what do YOU think? I guess some wild guesses could still be more effective than the Coast Guard around here... Maybe they were just busy getting stamps or having meaningless meetings...

But here are some wild guesses:
- North Korea. Nobody really knows where Kim is anyway...
- Japan. Some kid got angry at his parents and just stole a submarine and went for a stroll.
- Kiribati. Always a danger, as everyone well knows.
- Japan. Some office worker just went crazy from spending every single day in the office just moving paper around and stole a submarine.
- China. They did get some new funky subs there, so why not testing them in someone else's waters, just in case things go wrong?
- Japan. A top officer of some education board of some city accused of corruption felt too ashamed, stole a submarine and will ram it into Okinawa.
- Portugal. An old man thought the sub was his car and clearly took the wrong turn...
Now, feel free to choose.

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Anónimo disse...

I am guessing the old man from Portugal!!