sábado, setembro 08, 2007

Este vai em ingles! Sorry!

I couldn't believe it when Shauna said that she could actually be going to PEI! I was just overwhelmed with joy. But there she was, after going around checking the Miyakomachi girls and their wonderful woman-like pimps. The official version is that she got lost, though!

Anyway, here she is in front of the crime scene.
Taka and I had got there at 8, so we could be the first ones! But Kaori didn't have the key and we had to wait for Stefan! No worries!

Shauna tried to take her usual self-pictures (I'm telling you she has issues!), but Taka was faster and took some wonderful pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Meneses.

But I also took a wonderful picture of Taka! I'm telling you: this boy is crazy!

Maybe due to some unknown side effect of one of the many pills the girl takes every minute, she can't take a picture without bursting into laughter! Maybe she should see a doctor! Oh, wait, no... She doesn't need any more excuses!

I had this amazing burger for dinner. It's always so good, but this time it felt even better because beautiful Kaori did it for me. Ok, it was a bit black on both sides, but it was great indeed. But I think Kaori didn't believe me... And Peter told me she told him about it! But it was great getting an email from Peter in freaking Lhasa, Tibet!

Because Ms. Shauna oh-I-am-dying Hall can't eat loads of things, she ordered some fries after her spicy chicken wings (this girl makes me nervous, because any normal person knows that spicy is not good. But then there she was complaining!). Little did we know that a mountain of fries was heading our way!

We did try to eat them all. I was the last one to give up on that hard task... But eventually Shauna had to take out her tupperwear (latest tech, let me add!) to take some fries home! Hilarious!

And, yes, it is true that Kaori is working at PEI right now. Thursdays evenings. She is so sweet and lovely that I decided I had to go there and visit her. And Taka went too, because Taka likes to laugh at people that think that Jam Ojisan's dog's name is "Butter" instead of "Cheese"! And Ms. Shauna the-world-is-full-of-viruses Hall went too and that made my day. No, actually it made my week. Or month. Well, you get the idea!

And that was it. A nice evening out.

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